Nick Hocking with a Grey Banded Cod

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep31

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP31 This information packed episode featured Squid from Shore, Snapper, Deep Drop Fishing, Gardies and how to find those legendary Mangrove Jacks at the Montes. Segment 1: Segment 2: Want to see more Deep Drop Fishing? Here’s all of our Fish Species Videos  

Nick Hocking with Pink Snapper from SW Rocks

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep30

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP30 This was a big, big show where we talked about Inshore Snapper, Coral Trout, Fishing Spots starting with the letter A, Trolling for Squid, more Knots, on-water RBTs and Nick will solve your fishing problems … Segment 1: Segment 2: Segment 3: Want to learn more about Snapper? Here’s where you’ll find more Episodes *

Hillarys Herring

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep29

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP29 – OFF HILLARYS AT NIGHT With little idea of how, what and why, we decided one night in late May to drive off Hillarys and do the show live and catch whatever might be around at the time. It sounded like a recipe for disaster but turned out to be one of our most memorable

King George Whiting

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep28

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP28 For Episode 28 we let our viewers choose the topics, plus there’s live Knot Tying and King George Whiting tactics. Segment 1: Segment 2: Segment 3 including KG tactics: Want to know more about King George Whiting? See more Fish Species here  

Baldchin Groper

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep27

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP27 This episode is about how to get a big mackerel in Perth, where are all the salmon (!?!) and Baldchin Groper is our Fish-Of-The Week. Segment 1: Segment 2: and Batman stops by in Segment 3: Want to see more Live Shows? How about Snapper Videos here?  

Replacing Propeller

Props Ain’t Props Part 2 – Replacing a Propeller

PROPS AIN’T PROPS PART 2 – REPLACING A PROPELLER & THE PITFALLS Michael Constantine from Just Propellers shows you how to replace a prop and talks about the sorts of things you can overlook that could do serious damage if you’re not careful …  Want to see more Prop Videos? Learn more about Michael and Just Propellers

Perth Salmon

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep26

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP26 This episode featured the arrival of Salmon in Perth and where you can find them. The first segment was an interview with the company behind Clever Buoys that detect sharks. This show was dedicated to those who serve and those who have served, we thank you all. Part 1: Part 2:  Want to watch

Broken Propellers

Props Ain’t Props Part 1 – The Right Propeller

Props Ain’t Props Part 1 – The Right Propeller = Better Fuel Economy Michael from Just Propellers is a walking encyclopedia of propeller knowledge. Together, we’re going to help make you a prop expert with a series of videos about making sure yours is right and performing as it should. The first video in the series is about helping you

Ruan Ven Der Berg with a Swan River Bream

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep25

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP25 Episode 25 was Bream Week and we had some great Bream specialists in the studio to give you the benefit of their experience plus Steve, Nick and Miggsy. Segment 1: Segment 2 features ex-Docker Clancee Pearce and, apart from being a gun footy player, he knows how to find big Bream … Segment 3 features


Swan River Tarwhine

SWAN RIVER TARWHINE There is always more than one way to catch each fish and here, Steve shows you how to catch a Tarwhine in the Swan River on a River2Sea Vibe lure and then Nick shows you how to catch a bigger one on baits.  See all of our Swan River Videos HERE