Perth Fishing TV Live Ep08

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep08

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP08 – TAILOR SPECIAL In this one-on-one tailor special, Steve goes Krusty the Clown style solo and talks about everything he’s learned about tailor fishing for 3 decades. Segment 1: Answering questions from our Facebook page and talking about beach fishing vs boat fishing techniques: Segment 2: What rod should I choose for tailor fishing? Segment

Perth Fishing TV with Steve Correia & Nick Hocking

Perth Fishing TV Live

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE – STEVE CORREIA & NICK HOCKING NEXT SHOW: RETURNING SOON Perth Fishing TV is a Facebook based, live talk show on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. Steve & Nick talk everything fishing, bring in special guests and answer your questions through Facebook Live. Here’s the archive: Click HERE for Fishing Videos instead

Perth Fishing TV with Steve Correia & Nick Hocking

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep07

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP07 Part 1 Part 2 – Miggsy talks Snapper & Dhufish Part 3 – Talking new tackle and old tackle for jigging  Click HERE for Perth Fishing TV Fishing Videos

Nick Hocking with Pink Snapper from SW Rocks

Pink Snapper

PINK SNAPPER The Pink Snapper (Pagrus auratus) is more closely related to the bream than an actual snapper but that doesn’t stop them being one of the country’s most popular fish. WA is no exception and pink snapper are widespread along all of the south coast to Carnarvon and beyond, from rock walls and beaches to over 300m of water.

Miggsy Bootleg Tapes

Miggsy talks Berley Bags

THE MIGGSY BOOTLEG TAPES – MIGGSY’S BERLEY BAG Miggsy is serious about his snapper chasing and he swears by his berley bag. Here, he explains the benefits and how to use one properly. Click HERE for more Miggsy Snapper Tips Click HERE to learn about Snapper at Fish-On

Miggsy Bootleg Tapes

Miggsy talks Dhufish and Snapper

THE MIGGSY BOOTLEG TAPES – DHUFISH & SNAPPER Miggsy explains how he sets up for Dhufish and Snapper and why he feels they don’t miss many hookups … plus there’s a bit of stand-up comedy, of course. Miggsy talks about Snapper HERE Click HERE for Miggsy’s King George Secrets

Cocos Islands Bonefish

Article – Bonefish – Chasing Shadows

ARTICLE – CHASING SHADOWS – COCOS ISLAND BONEFISH by Nick Hocking Linnaeus first described the Bonefish (Albula vulpes) in 1758 and, since then, it has become one of the most famous sport/game fish species on the planet. Pound for pound they are one of the toughest fish in the ocean and are especially challenging on fly gear. The name bonefish