Swan River Flathead with Habitat

Shore Fishing for Swan River Flathead with ZX Vibes

SHORE FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ZX VIBES Early season flathead are about so Steve met up with one of our viewers, Daniel, to see how the Egogear ZX Vibe would perform against the Daiwa Double Clutch, which has been catching good fish in recent times … pretty well it turns out. Click to see Ecogear ZX Vibe Click

Swan River Flathead

Boat Fishing for Swan River Flathead with Atomic Hardz

BOAT FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ATOMIC HARDZ Atomic Hardz have long been Nick’s favourite lure to troll for Bream, especially the purple one. This time, we show you how to troll drop-offs and overhangs in calm bays for Flathead, often the biggest ones. Perfect for windy days. Lure – Atomic Hardz Rod – Atomic Bream Surface Reel –

Steve Correia with Rottnest Island Salmon

Boat Fishing

BOAT FISHING VIDEOS Western Australia has some of the best boat fishing in the world and this is our enormous collection of fishing videos from boats. Like to fish from shore? Here’s our land-based collection

Big Tailor

Land Based Fishing

LAND BASED FISHING Here’s our collection of fishing videos for Land Based anglers whether you’re a fan of the beach, the rivers the flats or the rocks. How about Boat Fishing? Tons of videos HERE

Steve Correia with 46cm Black Bream

How to Catch a Fish

HOW TO CATCH A FISH After Fishing WA, Steve Correia made the How to Catch a Fish series (including Local Fishing Legends and Australian Fishing Charters) with his friend, Paul Green. See more Full Length Episodes HERE

Snapper Nick Hocking Soft Plastic

Perth Fishing TV v3 Ep04 – Ocean Reef to Two Rocks Inshore

PERTH FISHING TV V3 EP04 – OCEAN REEF TO TWO ROCKS INSHORE Pink Snapper, Dhufish, Macks and Tuna – We join Shannon and Aaron from Old Growth Fishing to show you how good the Pink Snapper fishing is between Ocean Reef and Two Rocks, even just 2km from shore. People are often driving past great fish to get into deep

Male Rainbow Trout from Lake Navarino

Perth Fishing TV v3 Ep03 – Waroona Dam Trout

PERTH FISHING TV V3 EP03 – WAROONA DAM TROUT Nick Hocking takes you somewhere he loves for its serenity, most of the time anyway, to show you how enjoyable it is to troll for Trout in a small boat. He covers everything from the right lures to trolling speeds and if this doesn’t get you keen to chase trout yourself,

Snapper Nick Hocking Soft Plastic

Perth Fishing TV v3 Full Length Episodes

PERTH FISHING TV V3 FULL LENGTH EPISODES Perth Fishing TV v3 is Steve Correia and Nick Hocking’s latest full length fishing series, focusing mainly on Perth. They also have a live talk show on Facebook, Wednesday nights, plus their Facebook Page has more than 400 short (and long) fishing videos, tips, advice, product reviews and much more about WA fishing.

Big Perth Samsonfish

Full Length Fishing TV Episodes

FULL LENGTH EPISODES We have made hundreds of Full Length Fishing TV Episodes and many different Fishing Series. Here’s over 30 free full length fishing eps from a variety of series, including the Water, from around Perth and Western Australia.

Red Emperor

Australian Fishing Charters – West Moore Island

AUSTRALIAN FISHING CHARTERS – WEST MOORE ISLAND – FULL EPISODE Just past Point Samson in Western Australia, West Moore Island is a place that very few fish regularly and the species count is off the chart. In the first part we find Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Chinaman Fish, not a bad trifecta. The Chinaman Fish is a hard fighter