When you’re fishing from a beach with a rocky bottom or shoreline, floats (known in WA as blobs) can be just the ticket to help you catch Herring and avoid snags.

In the first video, Steve shows you how to catch Herring using a blob and Whitebait.

It’s actually very easy and the whole family can do it safely with reef boots, as long as the swell is low.

A long rod is an advantage when fishing this way.

Click any tackle link below to learn more about what Steve is using:

Rod: Shimano Jewel Shore Spin 9’6”
Reel: Fin-Nor Lethal LT40
Line: Daiwa J-Braid X8

Steve explains why he likes a longer rod for Herring when he’s using a blob or float and shows you how well this Jewel / Fin-Nor Lethal combo works on a rocky shoreline.

If you’ve got a school of herring berleyed up, why not switch from baits to the world’s most basic lure – a piece of green tube!

Steve explains how to rig up and then work the tube so the kids will never bother you to bait up again! (A drinking straw will work just as well)

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