Shannon Edwards fights a Pink Snapper

Inshore Dhufish & Snapper off Perth

INSHORE DHUFISH & SNAPPER OFF PERTH WITH SHANNON EDWARDS Perth Fishing TV Viewer, Shannon Edwards, took us not far offshore at all to one of his favourite spots for Pink Snapper and Dhufish to show you that you don’t need to travel 25 miles to get a nice fish. Learn how to find a good inshore spot, how to berley,

Paris - Penthouse Club Perth Manager

Penthouse Club Perth Giveaway

PENTHOUSE CLUB PERTH GIVEAWAY FOR PERTH FISHING TV VIEWERS Thanks to our great sponsor, Penthouse Club Perth, we are able to offer our viewers this Exclusive Giveaway! Sign up below or watch this video: Until December 20th 2019, fill out your details below to Instantly Win … that’s right … everyone who submits the form wins … Free Entry for


Creature Baits for Bream with Ruan

CREATURE BAITS FOR BREAM WITH RUAN Perth Fishing TV Captain, Ruan Van Der Berg, came in to show you his favourite creature baits (soft plastics and other lures resembling small creatures fish hunt). You can watch the full segment at the bottom or watch these lure by lure highlights … The Rockin Crab … The Cranka Crab is Deadly for

Perth Tailor Tips with Nolan Unwin

PERTH TAILOR TIPS WITH NOLAN UNWIN Nolan chases tailor from Perth beaches a lot and came into our studio to give our viewers the benefit of his experience in a number of areas. You can watch the full half hour segment at the bottom or pick your favourite 2-3 snippet below that works for you. Where are the best Tailor

Tailor from Kalbarri

How To Make a Killer Tailor Rig

HOW TO MAKE A KILLER TAILOR RIG Nick Hocking talks you through a detailed 8 part series of videos to help you make an awesome Tailor Fishing Rig for a beach (or rocks). Part 1 is all about the outfit to use … In Part 2 Nick talks about how to cast long distances … In Part 3 learn to

Steve Correia with Big Kalbarri Tailor

Jumbo Tailor Videos

JUMBO TAILOR VIDEOS Steve loves catching Big Tailor and these are some of his favourite videos from some of the best Tailor spots in Western Australia. This video shows the dangerous Black Rock in Kalbarri. A great spot for fishing and a deadly spot for fishing in equal measure. DO NOT FISH THIS LOCATION UNLESS YOU’RE AN EXPERT WITH YOUR

Steve Correia with a Tailor caught offshore of Fremantle


TAILOR Tailor are one of Australia’s most popular fish. They are a ferocious feeder and inhabit a wide variety of systems and areas. However, they are most often caught close to beach gutters, rockwalls and wash created by reef systems. Tailor breed around those offshore reef systems right along our coastline, including Perth, where the juvenile fish enter the Swan

Shark Mackerel

Trolling off Two Rocks in September

A lot of anglers still don’t realise the great fishing available if you do some trolling. Two Rocks is perfect for this as many northern species hang around up this way throughout the year. Even right at the end of winter, before Spring’s warm weather hits, Nick showed his client Mark that even if it’s hard to jig or bait

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Nick Hocking – Fishing Consultant

Need help with your fishing? Nick Hocking has broken world records, written hundreds of fishing articles and made years of fishing TV all over the world. Now, you can hire him as your Personal Fishing Consultant. This is not a charter but Nick can help you with: Setting up your boat, electronics or tackle correctly Finding the fish you want

Nick & Miggsy with a Pink Snapper

Miggsy Handlines 85cm Snapper

MIGGSY HANDLINES AN 85CM SNAPPER Miggsy has spent more than 30 years fishing for Snapper off the coast of Perth and here he shows you how it’s done, in the dark, on a handline! See more Snapper Videos HERE.