Jurien Bay from the Air

Fishing Spots – Jurien Bay

FISHING SPOTS – JURIEN BAY Jurien is one of Australia’s great towns. Only a short drive north of Perth, it has to be one of the best fishing locations that can encompass almost any style and species you want to target. From the shore you only have to go as far as the town jetty to start catching good fish.

Steve Correia with Metal Lure

Jelly Bean Principle at Preston Beach

USING THE “JELLY BEAN” PRINCIPLE TO FISH PRESTON BEACH The Jelly Bean Principle says that, “Often, fish that aren’t actively feeding will attack a very small lure out of aggression when larger lures or baits won’t work.” Using this method on a dead calm morning with little to no surface activity, Steve explains how he used berley and a small

Preston Beach

Fishing Spots – Preston Beach

FISHING SPOTS – PRESTON BEACH Preston Beach is a fantastic fishing spot for the whole family and is between Mandurah and Bunbury, an easy drive from Perth. When you get to the beach carpark, those without 4WDs can park at the end of Preston Beach Rd (which turns into Mitchell Rd) in the big carpark. There are fish to be

Yellowfin Whiting caught on a Breamer Vibe

Yellowfin Whiting on Vibes from a Boat

YELLOWFIN WHITING ON VIBES FROM A BOAT Steve Correia and Nick Hocking take you to Mandurah to demonstrate how the amazing new generation of electric motors make fishing so much better. Here, they use a Minn Kota to “spot lock” in the exact place they want to target yellowfin whiting. More than any other whiting, yellowfin seem to love lure

Australian Salmon caught on Soft Plastic Lure

Salmon on Soft Plastics

SALMON ON SOFT PLASTICS PT 1 & 2 Salmon Action from Hamelin Bay. Nick talks you through how to use soft plastics on Salmon schools as he targets them around Hamelin Bay. Part 1 Part 2 See more Salmon Action from Hamelin Bay Here.

City Beach

Fishing Spots – City Beach

FISHING SPOTS – CITY BEACH City Beach is a great place for beginners to start beach fishing for tailor, whiting, herring, tarwhine, mulloway and sharks. See More Fishing Spots Here. See How to Slide Bait from a Beach Here.  

Australian Salmon from Hamelin Bay

Salmon from Hamelin Bay on Metal Lures

SALMON FROM HAMELIN BAY ON METAL LURES Salmon schools almost always frequent Hamelin Bay during the autumn migration along Western Australia’s south coast. In this video, Nick Hocking uses the new Richter Pelacus metal lure to back into the breakers and pull one out of the school. Want to learn more about Salmon? Click Here for Fish-On. Here’s some Beach

Esperance Beach

Fishing Spots – Esperance

FISHING SPOTS – ESPERANCE Steve and Nick give you some ideas about fishing the fantastic south coast town of Esperance. While Salmon is a focus, there are a lot of other options too including Skippy, Herring, Squid and Mulloway one some of the whitest and cleanest beaches you’ll ever see. See more Fishing Spots Here.

Mackerel from the Abrolhos Islands

Trolling Spanish Mackerel at the Abrolhos Islands

TROLLING FOR SPANISH MACKEREL AT THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Tim is one of the nicest blokes from Perth’s tackle industry and he’s caught more Swan River Mulloway than almost anyone you’ll meet. But he’d never caught a Spanish Mackerel … Steve Correia asked him to come on their Abrolhos Islands adventure and finally, after years of waiting, Tim caught his first