Steve Correia with 46cm Black Bream

the Water Series 2 Episode 7 – Finding 40cm Bream Pt2

THE WATER SER2 EP7 – FINDING 40CM BREAM PT2 In Part 2 of this special to test just whether the big bream in the Swan and Canning Rivers are declining, the team share lots of spots and techniques to show you how to catch bigger bream, including a 40cm fish. Everyone has their own way of finding big bream but,

Snapper and Samsonfish

the Water Series 2 Episode 6 – Deep Water vs Shallow Water

THE WATER SER2 EP6 – DEEP WATER VS SHALLOW WATER This episode Paul Green leads the team 30 miles offshore to show you the difference between what you catch in super deep water past 150 metres, compared to the 3 Mile Reef that’s ten times closer to shore. Are bigger fish in deeper water or is it a myth? Some

Steve Correia with Swan River Tailor

the Water Series 2 Episode 5 – Bigger Swan River Tailor

THE WATER SER2 EP5 – FINDING BIGGER SWAN RIVER TAILOR This episode is based entirely in the Swan River and we’re going to show you tons of fishing options. While watching some astounding skiing from Show Ski WA, Steve and Jarrad walk the flats around the Burswood Casino with lures to show you how to catch bream, flathead, whiting and

Dhufish on a Jig

Dhufish on a Jig

DHUFISH ON A JIGHEAD – WITH BAIT Steve teaches John how to have patience when fishing jigheads for Dhufish when you can see them with other fish. John uses the jig for a nice Dhuie, but he used bait not a soft tail! Would you use bait on a jighead? It certainly works but is it right with your fishing

Pink Snapper with Soft Plastic Lure

Snapper Jigging at The Abrolhos Islands

JIGGING SOFT PLASTICS FOR PINK SNAPPER @ THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Steve and Greenie do some Snapper Jigging with Soft Plastics at The Abrolhos Islands. This is one of the most unique reef and island systems in the world, where colder southern currents mingle with warmer northern waters. The result is a mixture of fish species like you will not see

Steve Correia with 46cm Black Bream

the Water Series 2 Episode 3 – Finding 40cm Bream

THE WATER SER2 EP3 – FINDING 40CM BREAM IN THE SWAN RIVER PT1 Bream are just about the most popular fish in Australia and, in this episode, Steve and Jarrad fish the Swan & Canning Rivers to find out just where the 40cm bream are. Part 2 is HERE Click Here for the Water Series 2 Episode 2 Click Here

Pink Snapper

Drifting Baiting Pink Snapper at the Abrolhos

DRIFT BAITING FOR PINK SNAPPER AT THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Steve talks you through his favourite way to go drift baiting, this time for Snapper at the Abrolhos Islands. Click Here to see more of “the Water” Series 2 Click Here to see an awesome battle with 2 pinkies on 2 rods at once!

West Australian Dhufish Underwater

the Water Series 2 Episode 4 – Jigging for Dhufish

THE WATER SER2 EP4 – JIGGING FOR DHUFISH Dhufish are the West Australian boat fisher’s #1 target. In this episode, Steve and Greenie test different jigs to try and catch dhufish without bait. In the process, loads of other big fish turn up including a Perth winter capture you won’t believe! Click Here for Ep1 Click Here for Ep2 Click

Perth Skippy or Silver Trevally

the Water Series 2 Episode 2 – Skippy on Lures

THE WATER SER2 EP2 – SKIPPY ON LURES Bream tournament fishing is popular around Australia but the silver trevally or skippy provides even more excitement for bream anglers needing more power! In this Episode, Steve and Paul Green use tiny Halco Twistys to fire skippy up into a lure feeding frenzy and use bream tackle to land dhufish and big