Line and Fishing Reel

Attach Line to Fishing Reel Spool

BEST KNOT TO ATTACH LINE TO YOUR SPOOL What’s the best knot to attach your line to your spool? Nick gives you some answers and we discuss other tips to get your reel spooled up right to avoid nasty surprises on big fish. More Knots and Rigs HERE

Albright Knot

Tie an Albright Knot

LEARN TO TIE AN ALBRIGHT KNOT Nick teaches you the very useful Albright Knot that is used to join leader to your mainline. Our special POV camera make it so easy to follow along so in no time you’ll be able to tie this one in your sleep. Learn more Knots & Rigs HERE  

Fishing Knots and Rigs

Knots & Rigs

KNOTS & RIGS We’re always looking to find new ways to teach you better knots and rigs. All of these are videos that either show you how to tie a knot or rig, or give you insight into why a particular one is needed or works better.

Nick Hocking Battles 38cm Black Bream

Bream on Baits in the Swan River

BREAM ON BAITS IN THE SWAN RIVER Bream on Baits vs Bream on Lures. It’s the age-old question, which one works the best? Steve and Nick headed upstream with some river prawns and mullet to see if you could catch more with stinky old bait than $23 lures. First, it’s important to find the right spot and shade is a

Ruan Ven Der Berg with a Swan River Bream

Catching Bream with Surface Lures

CATCHING BREAM WITH SURFACE LURES Top Water Bream Fishing is one of the most exciting ways to target this tricky little fish. But it’s hard enough to catch them on lures that sink or suspend, surely using surface lures is too hard to both, right? Not so! In these 3 videos, Ruan Van Der Berg shows you how to pick

Swan River Flathead

Fishing Creature Baits for Bream and Flathead in the Swan River

FISHING CREATURE BAITS (SOFT PLASTICS) FOR BREAM AND FLATHEAD IN THE SWAN RIVER Perth Fishing TV Team Captain, Ruan Van Der Berg, shows you how to use the excellent type of soft plastics called creature baits in the Swan River. These addictive little lures are shaped like crawfish and other types of critters that fish like to eat, rather than

Big Perth Samsonfish

Massive Samsonfish Off Perth with Tutorial

NICK GUIDES MARK TO MASSIVE 50 KILO SAMSONFISH OFF PERTH Nick Hocking guided Mark Martin at Steve’s best Samsonfish Jigging Spot for a Double Hookup that ends up with Mark landing the biggest Samson Nick has ever seen! Watch the battle from start to finish … How to Jig for Samsonfish: Nick gives you a comprehensive tutorial, using our new

Reece Harvey with a Dhufish on a Jig

Dhufish Jigging Tips with Reece Harvey

DHUFISH JIGGING TIPS WITH REECE HARVEY Reece Harvey came in to our studio to tell us how he goes about catching a lot of Big Dhufish on Jigs. Here’s a collection of videos that will help you learn more about the art of Dhuie Jigging! Jigging For Big Dhufish with Reece Harvey Pt1 Jigging For Big Dhufish with Reece Harvey

Nick Hocking with a Perth Mackerel

Advanced Trolling Tips with Nick Hocking

NICK’S TROLLING TIPS FOR ADVANCED ANGLERS Here’s more Trolling How-Tos from Nick Hocking to help you fine tune your lures and technique, particularly off Perth. Richter Kyky Skirted Lure Halco King Brown Pattern for Low Light Trolling Halco R15 Chrome Pink beats Redhead H53 Single Strand Leaders for Trolling Minnows Click HERE for more Trolling Tips Click HERE for Fish-On’s

Nick Hocking hooked up to a HUGE Rottnest Island Kingfish

Trolling Tips with Nick Hocking

TROLLING TIPS WITH NICK HOCKING Over many episodes of Perth Fishing TV Live, Nick has done some great segments about Trolling and everything you need to know to be successful. Here’s a collection of the best to make sure that you’re amongst the fish too … Speed for Skirted Lures vs Divers Choosing the Best Skirted Lures When do you