Perth Tailor Tips with Nolan Unwin

PERTH TAILOR TIPS WITH NOLAN UNWIN Nolan chases tailor from Perth beaches a lot and came into our studio to give our viewers the benefit of his experience in a number of areas. You can watch the full half hour segment at the bottom or pick your favourite 2-3 snippet below that works for you. Where are the best Tailor

Tailor from Kalbarri

How To Make a Killer Tailor Rig

HOW TO MAKE A KILLER TAILOR RIG Nick Hocking talks you through a detailed 8 part series of videos to help you make an awesome Tailor Fishing Rig for a beach (or rocks). Part 1 is all about the outfit to use … In Part 2 Nick talks about how to cast long distances … In Part 3 learn to

Steve Correia with a Tailor caught offshore of Fremantle


TAILOR Tailor are one of Australia’s most popular fish. They are a ferocious feeder and inhabit a wide variety of systems and areas. However, they are most often caught close to beach gutters, rockwalls and wash created by reef systems. Tailor breed around those offshore reef systems right along our coastline, including Perth, where the juvenile fish enter the Swan

Salmon Holes Albany

Salmon in Albany

SALMON IN ALBANY Steve and Nick talk about where Salmon are found around Albany. Australian salmon aren’t a real salmon at all, of course. They’re related to perch and as you go around Australia and NZ, they change slightly. This is what the WA Museum has to say about different salmon in WA compared to the east coast and NZ:

Jurien Bay

Tips For Jurien Bay Beach Fishing

TIPS FOR JURIEN BAY BEACH FISHING We took some of the best point scorers from our Jurien Bay beach fishing tournament and asked them how they had success. Nick won the round so let’s see how he did it. Marcel caught the best tailor and tells us how he did it here. Phil caught a very good mixed bag and

Ruan Ver Der Berg with a Swan River Bream caught on a Scout 45

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep19

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP19 This is a great episode, featuring Chris Dixon who came in to talk about the Dixon Bros adventures. They do some out there stuff and this interview is fascinating. Plus they talk about Bluefin Tuna techniques from the shore and boat, along with tips on catching big Mandurah Crabs. This is Part 2 of the

Big Tailor

Put Your Mulies On Backwards

PUT YOUR MULIES ON BACKWARDS? Ryan from Mandurah Motor Marine explains how he won our 3rd Beach Tournament at Preston Beach by PUTTING HIS MULIES ON BACKWARDS! By that, we mean tail to the knot and head last. Very out there idea for tailor … but it worked. Learn more about Preston Beach HERE.

Rig for Preston Beach

Preston Beach Rigs

RIGS FOR PRESTON BEACH Nick shows you his favourite rigs for Preston Beach including some great tips for bait presentation. This first video is a heavy rig for when there’s too much weed to slide-bait. This video shows you how to tie the simplest rig of all for beach fishing – great for the kids! Here, Nick shows you how

Steve Correia with Metal Lure

Jelly Bean Principle at Preston Beach

USING THE “JELLY BEAN” PRINCIPLE TO FISH PRESTON BEACH The Jelly Bean Principle says that, “Often, fish that aren’t actively feeding will attack a very small lure out of aggression when larger lures or baits won’t work.” Using this method on a dead calm morning with little to no surface activity, Steve explains how he used berley and a small