Shark Mackerel

Trolling off Two Rocks in September

A lot of anglers still don’t realise the great fishing available if you do some trolling. Two Rocks is perfect for this as many northern species hang around up this way throughout the year. Even right at the end of winter, before Spring’s warm weather hits, Nick showed his client Mark that even if it’s hard to jig or bait

Perth Fishing TV Live Fishing Show

Perth Fishing TV Live

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE – STEVE CORREIA & NICK HOCKING NEXT SHOW: WED SEPTEMBER 11TH @ 7:30PM What’s on the show? Trolling off Perth and Two Rocks in Spring Pushers vs Deep Divers Targeting Big Tailor Now Comprehensive Spring Fishing Report and Species to Target More to come … Perth Fishing TV is a Facebook based, live talk show on

Nick Hocking with Pink Snapper from SW Rocks

Pink Snapper

PINK SNAPPER The Pink Snapper (Pagrus auratus) is more closely related to the bream than an actual snapper but that doesn’t stop them being one of the country’s most popular fish. WA is no exception and pink snapper are widespread along all of the south coast to Carnarvon and beyond, from rock walls and beaches to over 300m of water.

Miggsy Bootleg Tapes

Miggsy talks Dhufish and Snapper

THE MIGGSY BOOTLEG TAPES – DHUFISH & SNAPPER Miggsy explains how he sets up for Dhufish and Snapper and why he feels they don’t miss many hookups … plus there’s a bit of stand-up comedy, of course. Miggsy talks about Snapper HERE Click HERE for Miggsy’s King George Secrets

Snapper and Samsonfish

the Water Series 2 Episode 6 – Deep Water vs Shallow Water

THE WATER SER2 EP6 – DEEP WATER VS SHALLOW WATER This episode Paul Green leads the team 30 miles offshore to show you the difference between what you catch in super deep water past 150 metres, compared to the 3 Mile Reef that’s ten times closer to shore. Are bigger fish in deeper water or is it a myth? Some

Dhufish Caught with Metal Jig

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep03

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP03 – JIGGING VS BAITS CHALLENGE This was the first episode shot completely in the field to test if fishing all day with baits on a charter boat worked better than just sticking to lures and keeping the faith. Joining Steve’s team was football and fishing legend Glen Jakovich. The results they get could affect the

Two Rocks Dhufish

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep02

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP02 In our second episode, we looked into possible causes of the massive snapper kill in Cockburn Sound and then met two of WA’s most prolific Dhufish Hunters, who just catch-tag-release their fish (over 400!). 00:00 – Investigation into Cockburn Snapper Deaths 13:00 – Become a Fishing TV Presenter 14:03 – Paul Greenwood & Jesse Greenwood

Steve Correia with Pink Snapper

Massive Snapper from Bernier Island

MASSIVE SNAPPER FROM BERNIER ISLAND Steve lets his drift bait rig sit on the ocean floor and lets out over 100m of line off Bernier Island near Carnarvon. It’s a great way to get snagged, for sure, but if you’re happy enough to risk the rig, look what you might end up with. Of the 30+ snapper caught on this

Dhufish on a Jig

Dhufish on a Jig

DHUFISH ON A JIGHEAD – WITH BAIT Steve teaches John how to have patience when fishing jigheads for Dhufish when you can see them with other fish. John uses the jig for a nice Dhuie, but he used bait not a soft tail! Would you use bait on a jighead? It certainly works but is it right with your fishing

Pink Snapper with Soft Plastic Lure

Snapper Jigging at The Abrolhos Islands

JIGGING SOFT PLASTICS FOR PINK SNAPPER @ THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Steve and Greenie do some Snapper Jigging with Soft Plastics at The Abrolhos Islands. This is one of the most unique reef and island systems in the world, where colder southern currents mingle with warmer northern waters. The result is a mixture of fish species like you will not see