Shark Mackerel

Trolling off Two Rocks in September

A lot of anglers still don’t realise the great fishing available if you do some trolling. Two Rocks is perfect for this as many northern species hang around up this way throughout the year. Even right at the end of winter, before Spring’s warm weather hits, Nick showed his client Mark that even if it’s hard to jig or bait

Shark Mackerel from Bernier Island

Mackerel on a Popper

MACKEREL ON A POPPER Steve Correia uses a Richter plug near Bernier Island (Carnarvonish) to attach himself to the biggest shark mackerel he’s ever hooked. Richter Lures Poppers have a great action and are tough enough to withstand even a mackie’s teeth. “That was also the lure I caught my biggest tailor on.” SC See Steve land a Shark Mackerel

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water TV Series

Welcome to the Official Home on the Internet of “the Water with Steve Correia” Series 1 and 2. Quick Links: Series 1 | Series 2 These episodes also include some nice Diving as well as Fishing from all over Western Australia. Almost every species of fish you can think of is covered, with a strong focus on Perth and how

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water Series 2 Episode 1 – Perth Winter Mackerel

THE WATER SER2 EP1 – PERTH WINTER MACKEREL Series 2 begins with Steve & Greenie heading out past a winter storm in Perth to find huge shark mackerel that are still hunting after a big summer. Plus you’ll meet new presenter Jarrad as he shares some big squid tips. The main story, however, shows you how to target pink snapper

Spanish Mackerel

Setting Up for Multiple Mackerel

SETTING UP FOR MULTIPLE MACKEREL Steve and Greenie show you how to set up 4 outfits in a simple way to troll and get multiple hook-ups on pelagics like macks … filmed near West Moore Island north of Karratha. See all of our Mackerel Videos Here. Learn detailed information about Mackerel at Fish-On Here. Get Video Production from Zulu Media

Mackerel from the Abrolhos Islands

Trolling Spanish Mackerel at the Abrolhos Islands

TROLLING FOR SPANISH MACKEREL AT THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Tim is one of the nicest blokes from Perth’s tackle industry and he’s caught more Swan River Mulloway than almost anyone you’ll meet. But he’d never caught a Spanish Mackerel … Steve Correia asked him to come on their Abrolhos Islands adventure and finally, after years of waiting, Tim caught his first

Steve Correia with Dampier Mackerel

Finding Broad Barred Spanish Mackerel

FINDING BROAD BARRED SPANISH MACKEREL Learn about Broadbar Spanish Macks or just watch to see Steve get a big hook in his leg. See 2:40 for gory leg shot. To find these fish, which are usually way more powerful than a Narrow Barred Spanish, look for current running between islands and fish the sides and middle of the current movement.

West End of Rottnest Island

Fishing Spots – Rottnest Island

FISHING SPOTS – ROTTNEST ISLAND The island jewel on the Perth coastline, Rottnest Island is a massively diverse location with almost every species of southern fish you can think of, combined with northern species at times too. Click through these videos to learn how to target each fish at Rotto.

Nick Hocking with a Perth Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel

SPANISH MACKEREL The narrow barred Spanish mackerel is a fast moving pelagic sport fish that frequents tropical, inshore reef systems throughout the northern half of the country. Spaniards are a great tasting sport fish that are often seen free jumping to incredible heights of over thirty feet or more. They are famous for their blistering first runs and razor sharp

Nick Hocking with a Perth Mackerel

Perth Spanish Mackerel Pt2

HOW TO SET UP FOR PERTH SPANISH MACKEREL Nick Hocking talks you through every aspect of how he targets Spanish Mackerel Live off Perth. Learn about where to look, the speed to troll, how to set up your spread and even which lures to choose. Click Here for Part 1 – The Capture Click Here to learn more about Spanish