Shark Mackerel

Trolling off Two Rocks in September

A lot of anglers still don’t realise the great fishing available if you do some trolling. Two Rocks is perfect for this as many northern species hang around up this way throughout the year. Even right at the end of winter, before Spring’s warm weather hits, Nick showed his client Mark that even if it’s hard to jig or bait

Nick & Miggsy with a Pink Snapper

Miggsy Handlines 85cm Snapper

MIGGSY HANDLINES AN 85CM SNAPPER Miggsy has spent more than 30 years fishing for Snapper off the coast of Perth and here he shows you how it’s done, in the dark, on a handline! See more Snapper Videos HERE.

Whiting caught with Soft Plastic Lure

Secrets of Big Whiting Pt6

SECRETS OF BIG WHITING PT6 – LURE CHOICE Nick worked through a selection of lures to come up with this interesting way of targeting whiting with no bait at all – just soft plastics.  See all of the Whiting Videos HERE.

Big School Whiting

Secrets of Big Whiting with Miggsy Pt4

SECRETS OF BIG WHITING WITH MIGGSY PT4 – FINDING GROUND There’s not just one spot to find these big whiting. Miggsy explains what to look for on the bottom in your area, north or south of Perth. Nick thought he’d seen some big whiting but they just keep getting bigger! Click HERE for all of the Whiting Videos.

Miggsy Fishing for Whiting

Secrets of Big Whiting with Miggsy Pt3

SECRETS OF BIG WHITING WITH MIGGSY PT3 In this segment, Miggs and Nick talk about why the big whiting are coming into the shallows, what they’re feeding on and how the sizes have changed over the last 30 years. Click HERE for all of the Whiting Videos.

Nick Hocking with a Fremantle School Whiting

Secrets of Big Whiting with Miggsy Pt2

SECRETS OF BIG WHITING WITH MIGGSY PT2 Miggsy is a small boat specialist who does his best work off Fremantle. In this segment, Miggs talks about the best baits and the best conditions for the BIG school whiting and the bigger fish start to show up … See all the Whiting Videos HERE.

Big Tailor

Put Your Mulies On Backwards

PUT YOUR MULIES ON BACKWARDS? Ryan from Mandurah Motor Marine explains how he won our 3rd Beach Tournament at Preston Beach by PUTTING HIS MULIES ON BACKWARDS! By that, we mean tail to the knot and head last. Very out there idea for tailor … but it worked. Learn more about Preston Beach HERE.

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep08

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep08

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP08 – TAILOR SPECIAL In this one-on-one tailor special, Steve goes Krusty the Clown style solo and talks about everything he’s learned about tailor fishing for 3 decades. Segment 1: Answering questions from our Facebook page and talking about beach fishing vs boat fishing techniques: Segment 2: What rod should I choose for tailor fishing? Segment

Perth Fishing TV Live Fishing Show

Perth Fishing TV Live

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE – STEVE CORREIA & NICK HOCKING NEXT SHOW: WED SEPTEMBER 11TH @ 7:30PM What’s on the show? Trolling off Perth and Two Rocks in Spring Pushers vs Deep Divers Targeting Big Tailor Now Comprehensive Spring Fishing Report and Species to Target More to come … Perth Fishing TV is a Facebook based, live talk show on

Perth Fishing TV with Steve Correia & Nick Hocking

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep07

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP07 Part 1 Part 2 – Miggsy talks Snapper & Dhufish Part 3 – Talking new tackle and old tackle for jigging  Click HERE for Perth Fishing TV Fishing Videos