Shark Mackerel

Trolling off Two Rocks in September

A lot of anglers still don’t realise the great fishing available if you do some trolling. Two Rocks is perfect for this as many northern species hang around up this way throughout the year. Even right at the end of winter, before Spring’s warm weather hits, Nick showed his client Mark that even if it’s hard to jig or bait

Waroona Dam Trout

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep09

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP09 In Part 1, Nick and Steve do a live viewer Q&A about Freshwater Fishing in WA. In Part 2, Nick goes into detail about the Freshwater Fishing Scene in WA and where you’re most likely to have success. Part 3 is all about the Cobia, one of the most awesome fish you can target. 

Steve Correia with Swan River Tailor

the Water Series 2 Episode 5 – Bigger Swan River Tailor

THE WATER SER2 EP5 – FINDING BIGGER SWAN RIVER TAILOR This episode is based entirely in the Swan River and we’re going to show you tons of fishing options. While watching some astounding skiing from Show Ski WA, Steve and Jarrad walk the flats around the Burswood Casino with lures to show you how to catch bream, flathead, whiting and

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water TV Series

Welcome to the Official Home on the Internet of “the Water with Steve Correia” Series 1 and 2. Quick Links: Series 1 | Series 2 These episodes also include some nice Diving as well as Fishing from all over Western Australia. Almost every species of fish you can think of is covered, with a strong focus on Perth and how

Steve Correia with a Yellowtail Kingfish at The Abrolhos Islands

the Water Series 2

the Water Series 2 the Water Series 2 features Steve Correia and Paul Green, along with many others. the Water came after Fishing WA and How to Catch a Fish. All episodes are here, exclusive to Learn more at Nick Hocking’s Fish-On Website Video Production, Media and Web Design by Zulu Media & Citrus Studios  

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water Series 2 Episode 1 – Perth Winter Mackerel

THE WATER SER2 EP1 – PERTH WINTER MACKEREL Series 2 begins with Steve & Greenie heading out past a winter storm in Perth to find huge shark mackerel that are still hunting after a big summer. Plus you’ll meet new presenter Jarrad as he shares some big squid tips. The main story, however, shows you how to target pink snapper

Striped Tuna

Deep Drop Fishing Pt01 – Catching Tuna Baits

DEEP DROP FISHING PT01 – CATCHING TUNA BAITS In this special about Deep Water Fishing (250-450m), Nick Hocking begins by showing you how easy it is to troll for tuna baits while you’re heading to your fishing grounds. Tuna like this stripey have very bloody flesh and they make great baits for many deep water species. Trolling jet head lures

Spanish Mackerel

Setting Up for Multiple Mackerel

SETTING UP FOR MULTIPLE MACKEREL Steve and Greenie show you how to set up 4 outfits in a simple way to troll and get multiple hook-ups on pelagics like macks … filmed near West Moore Island north of Karratha. See all of our Mackerel Videos Here. Learn detailed information about Mackerel at Fish-On Here. Get Video Production from Zulu Media

Perth Salmon

Trolling for Perth Salmon

TROLLING FOR PERTH SALMON In this video, Steve Correia shares his experience to teach you an easy way to troll for Salmon in Perth during autumn. This was shot Live off Fremantle and streamed to the Perth Fishing TV Facebook Page. Salmon invade Perth most autumns in big numbers. We say “most” because some recent years in particular have been

Mackerel from the Abrolhos Islands

Trolling Spanish Mackerel at the Abrolhos Islands

TROLLING FOR SPANISH MACKEREL AT THE ABROLHOS ISLANDS Tim is one of the nicest blokes from Perth’s tackle industry and he’s caught more Swan River Mulloway than almost anyone you’ll meet. But he’d never caught a Spanish Mackerel … Steve Correia asked him to come on their Abrolhos Islands adventure and finally, after years of waiting, Tim caught his first