Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water TV Series

Welcome to the Official Home on the Internet of “the Water with Steve Correia” Series 1 and 2. Quick Links: Series 1 | Series 2 These episodes also include some nice Diving as well as Fishing from all over Western Australia. Almost every species of fish you can think of is covered, with a strong focus on Perth and how

Steve Correia with a Yellowtail Kingfish at The Abrolhos Islands

the Water Series 2

the Water Series 2 the Water Series 2 features Steve Correia and Paul Green, along with many others. the Water came after Fishing WA and How to Catch a Fish. All episodes are here, exclusive to Learn more at Nick Hocking’s Fish-On Website Video Production, Media and Web Design by Zulu Media & Citrus Studios  

Steve Correia with a Yellowtail Kingfish at The Abrolhos Islands

Yellowtail Kingfish

YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH The yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) has earned itself the reputation of a real thug or hoodlum of a species and is still considered by many anglers as one of the strongest fish in the ocean, pound for pound. They are generally encountered in the kind of terrain that is far less favourable to the angler than the fish,

Nick Hocking with a Perth Mackerel

Fish Species

Choose a species to see our collection of Fishing Videos, some on the water, some from our studio. If you’re new to fishing, a great way to get started is to pick one fish that suits your circumstances. Don’t pick dhufish if you don’t have a boat etc. Each fish is different and as you learn to master one, when

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water Top 5 #02 – Perth Shark Mackerel

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #2 – PERTH SHARK MACKEREL Mackerel are normally a Summer/Autumn fish in Perth but each Winter, there are still opportunities for trolling around Rottnest Island. With Miggsy in tow to divulge a few snapper secrets, Steve wanted to also show Miggs some mackerel secrets by trying to find a Shark Mackerel off the

Nick Hocking hooked up to a HUGE Rottnest Island Kingfish

Rottnest Kingfish Special Pt4

ROTTNEST KINGFISH SPECIAL PT4 Nick Hocking has been taking you on a trolling tour of Rottnest Island’s south side to target yellowtail kingfish. So far, Nick has showed you how to target the smaller school kingfish but what about the big bruisers? Where do they live? How do you stop them? Is 80lb braid enough? … You’ll have to watch

Trolling the South Side of Rottnest Island

Rottnest Kingfish Special Pt3

ROTTNEST KINGFISH SPECIAL PT3 Nick Hocking shows you 2 more lures to try when trolling for Yellowtail Kingfish, especially around Rottnest Island. The south side usually works the best and, while the very large ones are usually at the far end in dangerous waters, there are plenty of fun sized fish to target in safer areas. Click Here for Part

Rottnest Island Yellowtail Kingfish

Rottnest Kingfish Special Pt2

ROTTNEST KINGFISH SPECIAL PT2 In Part 1, Nick Hocking showed you how to set up your trolling spread with lures and here he lands the first Yellowtail Kingfish of the day while testing Richter’s new Splash Junior. Rottnest Island’s West End is as dangerous and unpredictable as it gets in Perth but smaller kingfish can be found along the safer