Squid caught with Yamashita Egi-Oh

Testing Yamashita Egi-Oh Squid Jig on Bigger Squid

TESTING THE YAMASHITA EGI-OH ON BIGGER SQUID We ducked down to Anglers Fishing World before their big squid comp to try some of the “Egi” (or “squid lures”) from their huge wall of jigs. The squid numbers were not high but the sizes sure were and it soon became apparent that these newer jigs were far superior to our old

Pink Snapper and Cuta-Copter Drone

Pink Snapper Double Header from the Beach

PINK SNAPPER DOUBLE HEADER FROM THE BEACH Tony from Ultimate Drone Fishing shows you Oannes Drop Zone Mesh that you can use to berley up offshore with a drone. Nick shows how well it works by immediately hooking a double header of Pink Snapper. Can he land both of them from the beach with the incoming weed? How to find


Cuta-Copter Snapper Drone

CUTA-COPTER SNAPPER DRONE Is the Cuta-Copter the Best Snapper Drone? Mark tells us why he believes the Cuta-Copter is the best Snapper Fishing Drone for WA Beaches and Shore Based Locations when you have tough conditions to deal with. Made specifically for fishing, what it lacks in camera resolution (720p not 4K like PowerVision or DJI) it makes up for

Herring from Beach

Paternoster Beach Rig

EASY TWO HOOK PATERNOSTER BEACH FISHING RIG Nick shows you how to tie an easy and effective Paternoster Rig for Beach Fishing. He covers the knots, how to tie a good dropper loop for the hooks and why beads are an important addition. Nick also compares beach worms, which can be hard to find, with Berkley Gulp Worms that work

Nick Hocking with a Lancelin Tailor

Using Whiting for Bigger Tailor

USING WHITING FOR BIGGER TAILOR Nick shows you how to use whiting baits for the Bigger Tailor that live along the beaches north of Perth. Whiting is a big part of their diet so why not give them what they want? Sinkers / Hooks etc from Anglers Fishing World. More Rigs HERE: Knots & Rigs

Herring Caught with Green tube


HERRING Is there a better fish for everyone in WA than the Herring? In reality, this fish isn’t part of the Herring family Clupeidae at all but belong to the order Perciformes of perch-like fishes, like the Australian Salmon … which isn’t a salmon. This is almost certainly because European settlers named the fish in English after the ones most

Pink Snapper Caught with Drone

Drone Fishing 101 – Drone Rig

Drone Fishing 101: Fitzy’s Drone Rig Mark has been only fishing in WA for 2 years but he’s managed to land many big Pink Snapper and other prized fish from the beaches near Perth. One of his secrets is using Drones built for the job of delivering baits up to 500 metres from the beach. In the first part of

Preston Beach Herring

Fish Are Often 10m From Shore

Fish Are Often 10m From Shore – 4K UltraHD Beach Fishing Basics – Nick uses a running sinker rig to show you just how close most of the fish on a beach can be. In this case, all of the Herring are less than 10 metres from the shoreline so why cast 50 metres into the desert when the fish

Preston Beach

Running Sinker Rig for Whiting

Running Sinker Rig for Whiting Here, Nick Hocking shows you how to make a simple but effective Running Sinker Rig which will catch you Herring, Tarwhine, Bream, Whiting and several other inshore beach fish. Great for casting and almost foolproof! More Rigs Here

Swan River Flathead with Habitat

Shore Fishing for Swan River Flathead with ZX Vibes

SHORE FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ZX VIBES Early season flathead are about so Steve met up with one of our viewers, Daniel, to see how the Egogear ZX Vibe would perform against the Daiwa Double Clutch, which has been catching good fish in recent times … pretty well it turns out. Click to see Ecogear ZX Vibe Click