Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water TV Series

Welcome to the Official Home on the Internet of “the Water with Steve Correia” Series 1 and 2. Quick Links: Series 1 | Series 2 These episodes also include some nice Diving as well as Fishing from all over Western Australia. Almost every species of fish you can think of is covered, with a strong focus on Perth and how

Steve Correia with a Tailor caught offshore of Fremantle

the Water Series 1 Episode 4 – Cockburn Sound

THE WATER SER1 EP4 – COCKBURN SOUND TAILOR, HERRING & PRAWNS In Episode 4 Steve Correia fishes in Cockburn Sound off Fremantle in a hardcore tailor fishing test of boat and tackle. Steve and Greenie will then head to Rockingham to show you somewhere great to take the kids fishing for Herring. Then, on sunset, we’ll meet “The Prawn Whisperer”

Perth Fishing TV with Steve Correia & Nick Hocking

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Perth Fishing TV is Steve Correia, Nick Hocking plus their team including Miggsy, Ruan, Ryan and more. Below is just part of our video archive. Choose a video here or use the search button anywhere on the website to search for anything fishing related and get recommendations for tons of our different videos on the subject. We are adding new