Steve Correia with a Tailor caught offshore of Fremantle


TAILOR Tailor are one of Australia’s most popular fish. They are a ferocious feeder and inhabit a wide variety of systems and areas. However, they are most often caught close to beach gutters, rockwalls and wash created by reef systems. Tailor breed around those offshore reef systems right along our coastline, including Perth, where the juvenile fish enter the Swan

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water TV Series

Welcome to the Official Home on the Internet of “the Water with Steve Correia” Series 1 and 2. Quick Links: Series 1 | Series 2 These episodes also include some nice Diving as well as Fishing from all over Western Australia. Almost every species of fish you can think of is covered, with a strong focus on Perth and how

Scott Jessamine with a Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper Double Hookup

PINK SNAPPER DOUBLE HOOKUP Scott Jessamine made this sick video where he lands two pink snapper at the same time! Pink Snapper congregate in big numbers throughout Cockburn Sound in late winter / early spring and sometimes the action is totally off the hook. How much would you like this sort of fishing every night?  Click Here to learn

Dhufish Caves on Echo Sounder

Finding Dhufish Caves

SETTING UP YOUR SOUNDER TO FIND DHUFISH CAVES Noles has a great tip to share about how he set up his echo sounder to find the caves he looks for when hunting Big Dhufish. And he lands a big dhuie of course. Great place Jurien Bay.

Coogee Marina

Fishing Spots – Coogee

FISHING SPOTS – COOGEE Coogee is a great place to take your family fishing and it’s surprisingly good for a bunch of fish and squid. Nick and Steve talk about the fishing options and give you some tips. Like Fishing Cockburn Sound? Click Here for “the Water” Cockburn Sound Special

Pink Snapper

Miggsy Snapper Secrets Pt1

MIGGSY SNAPPER SECRETS PT1 Miggsy is our most popular guest on Perth Fishing TV. He’s been fishing the waters of Perth since 1765 and little by little we’re prying out his secrets. There’s so much to learn from him and every time he talks fishing it’s worth listening. Here’s some sneaky snapper tricks (and some comedy stylings) from Miggsy, who

King George Whiting on weed bed

Mountains of King George Whiting Tips

MOUNTAINS OF KING GEORGE WHITING TIPS Steve gets hardcore King George chasers Miggsy and Bryce talking about their secrets to finding KG grounds and then how to set up and catch them. These two normally keep their cards pretty close to their chest and opened up with some very useful ideas to help you too. Learn more about targeting King

Yellowfin Whiting caught on a Breamer Vibe

Catching Yellowfin Whiting with Ecogear Breamer Vibe

CATCHING YELLOWFIN WHITING WITH ECOGEAR BREAMER VIBE Steve Correia shows you how to easy it is to catch Yellowfin Whiting with the terrific Ecogear Breamer Vibe – GREAT FOR KIDS! Yellowfin Whiting like to inhabit the flats around the mouths of rivers and estuaries and can also be caught regularly from beaches in Rockingham, Mandurah and south towards the capes.

West Australian Dhufish Underwater

Braid or Mono Line for Dhufish

BRAID OR MONO LINE FOR DHUFISH? When should you use Braid or Mono Line for Dhufish? Nick gives you some ideas then we talk about the best baits to target them. Want to learn about Baits for Big Dhufish? Click Here Click Here to learn more about Dhufish at Fish-On Click here to learn how you can make more sales

Dhufish on a Wreck

Presenting Baits for Big Dhufish

PRESENTING BAITS FOR BIG DHUFISH  From the Perth Fishing TV Dhufish Spectacular, Nick and Steve talk about presenting baits in better ways for better dhufish. When should you use Mono or Braided Line for Dhufish? Click Here Click Here to learn more about Dhufish at Fish-On Click here to learn how you can make more sales using our video