Japanese Egi Squid Jig

The Technology of Egi Squidding

THE TECHNOLOGY OF EGI SQUIDDING Garry McDonald from Western Squid Wranglers talks you through the amazing technology of Japanese Squid Rods and Jigs (the “Egi”). The use of different parts of the light spectrum on jigs can make a huge difference to your ability to catch the squid when they’re fussy. Part 1: Part 2:


Quick Squid Tips

QUICK SQUID TIPS Need to catch Squid in a hurry? Here’s a collection of quick tips to help you. Which Colour Squid Jig? How to Troll and Cast for Squid at the Same Time No bait, no GPS marks, no problem! Old School Squidding with Glen Jakovich Big Winter Squid and an Ink-Sprayjob from Uncle Miggs Learn about Egi and

Steel Propellers

Props Ain’t Props Part 5 – The Best Prop Shape

PROPS AIN’T PROPS PART 5 – THE BEST PROPELLER SHAPE FOR YOUR ENGINE Picking the Right Prop For Your Engine = Fuel Savings! In Part 5 of Props Ain’t Props, Michael takes you through 4 different props that could all be used on the same engine … but will produce different results. Pick you right one and you’ll save big