Steve Correia with 24kg Samsonfish

Fishing How Tos

HOW TO TIE KNOTS, HOW TO MAKE RIGS AND HOW TO GET THE RIGHT PROP This page is dedicated to teaching you how to get better by learning the best knots, the rigs for each kind of fish you’re targeting and advice about getting your propeller right on your boat for better performance and fuel economy.

Xcomp Plastic Propeller

Xcomp Propellers

XCOMP PROPELLERS XComp Spare Props – Stay Safer On The Water These props are about half the price of a regular prop. Lightweight and perfect as a spare on your boat. Wholesale to the Public: See the full range of Propeller Videos here

Broken Propellers

Props Ain’t Props

PROPS AIN’T PROPS Michael Constantine from Just Propellers helps you learn more about props in this very informative series that will not only help you have a better journey on the water, you’ll also learn how to save money on fuel.