Steve Correia with 24kg Samsonfish

Fishing How Tos

HOW TO TIE KNOTS, HOW TO MAKE RIGS AND HOW TO GET THE RIGHT PROP This page is dedicated to teaching you how to get better by learning the best knots, the rigs for each kind of fish you’re targeting and advice about getting your propeller right on your boat for better performance and fuel economy.

King George Whiting Rig

Cleggie’s King George Whiting Rig

CLEGGIE’S KING GEORGE WHITING RIG The Famous Cleggie King George Whiting Rig. Doug Clegg was a fantastic man who had a tackle store opposite the Trigg Blue Holes. He was famous for his weekly gatherings of some of Perth’s best minds to drink and talk fishing but also for his generosity, particularly to kids. As THE legendary KG chaser of

Fishing Knot

Nick’s Favourite Knot

NICK’S FAVOURITE KNOT Nick has a favourite knot that’s been passed down through his family. He has no idea what its name is but it’s a very good one to know. Nick shows you how his favourite knot can be used two different ways, even to join line or create a stopper knot for floats, sinkers etc … Want MORE

Uni Knot

Tie a Uni Knot

TIE A UNI KNOT When it comes to knots, Steve is lazy and that means the Uni Knot is perfect for him. This is a simple knot to teach your kids as well and it works like a noose knot in that it slips up and down the line until pulled tight. Here’s how to tie it … How about

Dropper Loop Knot

Tie Dropper Loop For Paternoster Rig

TIE A DROPPER LOOP FOR A PATERNOSTER RIG This is a super useful knot that will work in 90% of bottom fishing situations but, of course, knot strength isn’t high for this so use heavier line if you feel your target fish is right on the edge of your line strength already. Want MORE Rigs? Click HERE

Double Uni Knot

Tie a Double Uni Knot

TIE A DOUBLE UNI KNOT Steve shows you how to tie a Double Uni Knot that can be used to join all types of line. It’s perhaps the simplest joining knot of all and offers high knot strength for those who aren’t fussy about a big chunky finish. Want other Joining Knots? Click HERE

Knot to Join Mono Line

Join Mono Line to Mono Line

KNOT TO JOIN MONO LINE TO MONO LINE EASILY Nick shows you a very simple knot for joining two pieces of mono line that might have broken in the heat of battle. Want more Knots? Click HERE

Testing Fishing Knot Strength

Mythbusting Knot Strength

MYTHBUSTING KNOT STRENGTH We took 3 knots used for joining mono to braid and put them under load to see which breaks at the highest point. Which do you think will win? 1. FG Knot 2. Albright Knot (single strand) 3. Albright Knot (double with Bimini Twist) See our full range of Knots and Rigs Videos Here

Line and Fishing Reel

Attach Line to Fishing Reel Spool

BEST KNOT TO ATTACH LINE TO YOUR SPOOL What’s the best knot to attach your line to your spool? Nick gives you some answers and we discuss other tips to get your reel spooled up right to avoid nasty surprises on big fish. More Knots and Rigs HERE

Albright Knot

Tie an Albright Knot

LEARN TO TIE AN ALBRIGHT KNOT Nick teaches you the very useful Albright Knot that is used to join leader to your mainline. Our special POV camera make it so easy to follow along so in no time you’ll be able to tie this one in your sleep. Learn more Knots & Rigs HERE