Swan River Flathead with Habitat

Shore Fishing for Swan River Flathead with ZX Vibes

SHORE FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ZX VIBES Early season flathead are about so Steve met up with one of our viewers, Daniel, to see how the Egogear ZX Vibe would perform against the Daiwa Double Clutch, which has been catching good fish in recent times … pretty well it turns out. Click to see Ecogear ZX Vibe Click

Swan River Flathead

Boat Fishing for Swan River Flathead with Atomic Hardz

BOAT FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ATOMIC HARDZ Atomic Hardz have long been Nick’s favourite lure to troll for Bream, especially the purple one. This time, we show you how to troll drop-offs and overhangs in calm bays for Flathead, often the biggest ones. Perfect for windy days. Lure – Atomic Hardz Rod – Atomic Bream Surface Reel –

Male Rainbow Trout from Lake Navarino

Perth Fishing TV v3 Ep03 – Waroona Dam Trout

PERTH FISHING TV V3 EP03 – WAROONA DAM TROUT Nick Hocking takes you somewhere he loves for its serenity, most of the time anyway, to show you how enjoyable it is to troll for Trout in a small boat. He covers everything from the right lures to trolling speeds and if this doesn’t get you keen to chase trout yourself,

Dhufish on a Wreck

Local Fishing Legends – Jurien Bay Dhufish with Noles

LOCAL FISHING LEGENDS – JURIEN BAY DHUFISH WITH NOLES Jurien Bay Dhufish specialist Noles shares with you secrets to finding Big Dhuies, especially in the Jurien Bay region of Western Australia. Learn how to read your sounder properly to find caves and the best ground to target dhufish, pink snapper and baldchin groper. Noles also shares with you how to

Nick Hocking with 38cm Bream

Bait Fishing for Bream

BAIT FISHING FOR BREAM Bream on baits must be the most popular type of fishing in the Swan River. In these 3 videos, Steve and Nick talk you through why shady areas seem to produce better fish, along with the best baits and how to present them. Firstly, let’s talk about locations … Now let’s find out what kind of

Steve Correia with Hillarys Buffalo Bream

How to Catch a Fish Ep03 – Hillarys Buffalo Bream

HOW TO CATCH A FISH EP03 – HILLARYS BUFFALO BREAM Thought buffalo bream were a rubbish fish not worth your time? Steve and Paul are going to prove otherwise as they seek to land some of the massive vegetarian fish that hang around WA’s rockwalls and reefs. Few fish from shore are this hard to hook, this hard to land

Japanese Egi Squid Jig

The Technology of Egi Squidding

THE TECHNOLOGY OF EGI SQUIDDING Garry McDonald from Western Squid Wranglers talks you through the amazing technology of Japanese Squid Rods and Jigs (the “Egi”). The use of different parts of the light spectrum on jigs can make a huge difference to your ability to catch the squid when they’re fussy. Part 1: Part 2:

Yellowfin Whiting

Yellowfin Whiting on ZX Vibes – Working the Lure

YELLOWFIN WHITING ON ECOGEAR ZX VIBES – WORKING THE LURE Steve takes Mick from Anaconda Butler to show him that you can go walking the flats for whiting with lures even if it’s chilly and the water is dirty. And the kids can do it too, no bait, easy to cast and very effective. Lure: Ecogear ZX 30 & 35