Steve Correia with Dampier Mackerel

Finding Broad Barred Spanish Mackerel

FINDING BROAD BARRED SPANISH MACKEREL Learn about Broadbar Spanish Macks or just watch to see Steve get a big hook in his leg. See 2:40 for gory leg shot. To find these fish, which are usually way more powerful than a Narrow Barred Spanish, look for current running between islands and fish the sides and middle of the current movement.

Aerial Photo north of Denham Western Australia

the Water Series 1 Episode 8 – Shark Bay Special Pt2

THE WATER SER1 EP8 – SHARK BAY SPECIAL PT2 The adventure continues in Shark Bay as Steve Correia meets Jamie Morgan, star of Farmer Wants A Wife, who takes the team fishing in some secret spots in shallow water. Plus we’ll meet Indigenous traditional owner Capes who shares the Aboriginal history of Shark Bay before Jamie shows you through one

Steve Correia with a 58 pound Cobia from Shark Bay

the Water Series 1 Episode 7 – Shark Bay Special Pt1

THE WATER SER1 EP7 – SHARK BAY SPECIAL PT1 In this famous Episode, Steve Correia, Patto and the team travel to Shark Bay to find some of the world’s biggest fish, spectacular scenery and locals who are real characters. This is the episode featuring the 58 Pound Cobia which is one of Steve’s Top 5 fish. They’ll land giant cobia,

Noles with a Karratha Mud Crab

the Water Series 1 Episode 6 – Mud Crabs and Egi Squid

THE WATER SER1 EP6 – MUD CRABS & EGI SQUID This Episode Glen Jakovich joins Steve Correia for an old school squidding session before learning how the new Egi squid technology can dramatically improve your catch.   Steve also heads to the Pilbara to go mud crabbing with Noles in a Dune Buggy to find out how they catch crabs

Steve Correia with a 58 pound Cobia from Shark Bay

the Water Top 5 #01 – 58 Pound Cobia

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #1 – 58 POUND SHARK BAY COBIA ‘During season one of “the Water” we had the fantastic opportunity to fish with Ross Larard on his charter called Mack Attack. The waters off Shark Bay, with Dirk Hartog Island to the west, are some of the best fishing in the world. Noted particularly for

Steve Correia with a Shark Mackerel off Perth

the Water Top 5 #02 – Perth Shark Mackerel

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #2 – PERTH SHARK MACKEREL Mackerel are normally a Summer/Autumn fish in Perth but each Winter, there are still opportunities for trolling around Rottnest Island. With Miggsy in tow to divulge a few snapper secrets, Steve wanted to also show Miggs some mackerel secrets by trying to find a Shark Mackerel off the

Paul Green with a Gold Spot Trevally

the Water Top 5 #03 – Perth Gold Spot Trevally

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #3 – GOLD SPOT TREVALLY NEAR PERTH  Wrecks are some of the best places to fish, but they’re also some of the hardest. They’re small and hard to keep near enough to fish if the current is racing. Then, if you get in the right spot, the fish that live there know

Paul Green with a Jurien Bay Spanish Mackerel

the Water Top 5 #04 – Greenie’s First Mackerel

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #4 – GREENIE’S FIRST MACKEREL   Paul Green worked with Steve Correia on both the How to Catch a Fish TV Series and the Water. Steve and Paul fished all over WA and most weeks just for fun but no matter where they went or what they did, Greenie could not seem to land a mackie.

Steve Correia with a Yellowtail Kingfish at The Abrolhos Islands

the Water Top 5 #05 – Abrolhos Islands Yellowtail Kingfish

TOP 5 FISH FROM THE WATER – #5 – ABROLHOS KINGFISH The Abrolhos Islands is one of the world’s great sportfishing destinations. On this day, Steve Correia and the guys from the Water and Getaway Outdoors Geraldton landed several marlin, over 20 mackerel and more … but this was the fish that stood out in Steve’s mind … “The southern

Underwater at the Mackerel Islands

the Water Series 1 Episode 5 – The Mackerel Islands Part 2

THE WATER SER1 EP5 – MACKEREL ISLANDS PT2 The Mackerel Islands is 20km from the mining town of Onslow but the eco-tourism is far from what you’d expect from a mining town. Whales, dolphins, turtles, coral systems and spectacular beaches feature in this second part of our Mackerel Islands adventure. Plus we’ll show you how to use soft plastic lures