Big Perth Samsonfish

Full Length Fishing TV Episodes

FULL LENGTH EPISODES We have made hundreds of Full Length Fishing TV Episodes and many different Fishing Series. Here’s over 30 free full length fishing eps from a variety of series, including the Water, from around Perth and Western Australia.

Dhufish on a Jig

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep33

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP33 Ep33 was packed with info about Dhufish, Mulloway, King George Whiting, Offshore Fishing out of Fremantle, Squid, How to Spool Your Reels Properly and more … Segment 1: Segment 2: Segment 3: Click HERE for more videos about Dhufish Click HERE for the full list of PFTV Live Episodes

Nick Hocking Battles 38cm Black Bream

Bream on Baits in the Swan River

BREAM ON BAITS IN THE SWAN RIVER Bream on Baits vs Bream on Lures. It’s the age-old question, which one works the best? Steve and Nick headed upstream with some river prawns and mullet to see if you could catch more with stinky old bait than $23 lures. First, it’s important to find the right spot and shade is a

Reece Harvey with a Dhufish on a Jig

Dhufish Jigging Tips with Reece Harvey

DHUFISH JIGGING TIPS WITH REECE HARVEY Reece Harvey came in to our studio to tell us how he goes about catching a lot of Big Dhufish on Jigs. Here’s a collection of videos that will help you learn more about the art of Dhuie Jigging! Jigging For Big Dhufish with Reece Harvey Pt1 Jigging For Big Dhufish with Reece Harvey

Perth Fishing TV Live Fishing Show

Perth Fishing TV Live

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE – STEVE CORREIA & NICK HOCKING NEXT SHOW: WED NOV 20th @ 7:30PM What’s on the show with Steve and Nick? Tim Barlow comes in to talk about the Outer Harbour and other Cockburn Sound issues Tim will also talk with us about 26 new FADs being set up around WA We have Miggsy and his

Miggsy Bootleg Tapes

Miggsy talks Berley Bags

THE MIGGSY BOOTLEG TAPES – MIGGSY’S BERLEY BAG Miggsy is serious about his snapper chasing and he swears by his berley bag. Here, he explains the benefits and how to use one properly. Click HERE for more Miggsy Snapper Tips Click HERE to learn about Snapper at Fish-On

Miggsy Bootleg Tapes

Miggsy talks Dhufish and Snapper

THE MIGGSY BOOTLEG TAPES – DHUFISH & SNAPPER Miggsy explains how he sets up for Dhufish and Snapper and why he feels they don’t miss many hookups … plus there’s a bit of stand-up comedy, of course. Miggsy talks about Snapper HERE Click HERE for Miggsy’s King George Secrets

Snapper and Samsonfish

the Water Series 2 Episode 6 – Deep Water vs Shallow Water

THE WATER SER2 EP6 – DEEP WATER VS SHALLOW WATER This episode Paul Green leads the team 30 miles offshore to show you the difference between what you catch in super deep water past 150 metres, compared to the 3 Mile Reef that’s ten times closer to shore. Are bigger fish in deeper water or is it a myth? Some

Dhufish Caught with Metal Jig

Perth Fishing TV Live Ep03

PERTH FISHING TV LIVE EP03 – JIGGING VS BAITS CHALLENGE This was the first episode shot completely in the field to test if fishing all day with baits on a charter boat worked better than just sticking to lures and keeping the faith. Joining Steve’s team was football and fishing legend Glen Jakovich. The results they get could affect the