Herring Caught with Green tube


HERRING Is there a better fish for everyone in WA than the Herring? In reality, this fish isn’t part of the Herring family Clupeidae at all but belong to the order Perciformes of perch-like fishes, like the Australian Salmon … which isn’t a salmon. This is almost certainly because European settlers named the fish in English after the ones most

Herring Caught with Green tube

Beach Fishing with Floats

BEACH FISHING WITH FLOATS / BLOBS When you’re fishing from a beach with a rocky bottom or shoreline, floats (known in WA as blobs) can be just the ticket to help you catch Herring and avoid snags. In the first video, Steve shows you how to catch Herring using a blob and Whitebait. It’s actually very easy and the whole

Steve Correia with a Tailor caught offshore of Fremantle

the Water Series 1 Episode 4 – Cockburn Sound

THE WATER SER1 EP4 – COCKBURN SOUND TAILOR, HERRING & PRAWNS In Episode 4 Steve Correia fishes in Cockburn Sound off Fremantle in a hardcore tailor fishing test of boat and tackle. Steve and Greenie will then head to Rockingham to show you somewhere great to take the kids fishing for Herring. Then, on sunset, we’ll meet “The Prawn Whisperer”