‘During season one of “the Water” we had the fantastic opportunity to fish with Ross Larard on his charter called Mack Attack.

The waters off Shark Bay, with Dirk Hartog Island to the west, are some of the best fishing in the world.

Noted particularly for pink snapper, the boys had just finished a 10 hour drive and wanted to relax but Rosco wouldn’t let them.

Straight out into the bay they went to drop on schools of ravenous pink snapper and, while Patto was given the correct soft plastic for the snapper, Steve tied on a massive Elevator Head jig with an equally large single tail soft plastic.

It had barely hit the bottom when the world’s biggest “snapper” nailed it and went bananas. Which is never good on a boat.

20 minutes later they were releasing this 58 pound Cobia. It always pays to have al least one big lure out there for the predators sitting under the pack.


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