The Abrolhos Islands is one of the world’s great sportfishing destinations.

On this day, Steve Correia and the guys from the Water and Getaway Outdoors Geraldton landed several marlin, over 20 mackerel and more … but this was the fish that stood out in Steve’s mind …

“The southern end of the group of islands is some of the most amazing fishing I’ve ever seen. Almost every species you can think of seems to come together in one spot.

“Northern and Southern Species mix together as if the water here is perfect for almost everyone. This day had been one of the best.

“We started the day with mackerel after mackerel, mostly Spanish but Sharkies too and then around mid-morning, this fish hit and you could tell right away it was no mackie.

“After jigging baldchin, emperor and snapper around midday, we spent the afternoon trolling west of here for marlin, tagging 4 in total. What a day! What a place!”

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