Top Water Bream Fishing is one of the most exciting ways to target this tricky little fish.

But it’s hard enough to catch them on lures that sink or suspend, surely using surface lures is too hard to both, right?

Not so! In these 3 videos, Ruan Van Der Berg shows you how to pick the right time, lures and locations for the best Top Water Bream in the Swan River, then shows you exactly how to be in the right place at the right time for some serious action.

Early morning is the go …

Surface Fishing for Bream Tips with Ruan – Volume 1

We recorded a ton of highly useful tips from Ruan about surface fishing for Bream in the Swan River. If you want to learn to do it, here’s Volume 1 inc how to work your lure from shore …

More Top Water Bream Tips with Ruan – Volume 2

Ruan gives you more valuable tips for surface fishing with lures for Bream in the Swan River, including leaders (he uses 4lb flurocarbon by the way) and he even gets smashed by a Tailor or Giant Herring which also love those surface lures!

Want to get more Bream tips from Ruan? Click HERE.

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