Paul Green worked with Steve Correia on both the How to Catch a Fish TV Series and the Water.

Steve and Paul fished all over WA and most weeks just for fun but no matter where they went or what they did, Greenie could not seem to land a mackie.

They fished from Point Samson to Bernier and Dorre Islands and, while Steve caught them, Paul could not.

So, in a last ditch attempt to finally catch a mackerel, they headed to Jurien Bay when Spaniards were reported to be hot and firing.

The only problem was, when they got there it was weeded up and blowing 25+ knots!

As the morning went on, the wind dropped but the weed was impossible to they headed from the usual spot to just outside the mouth of the town reef, over sand in only 6 metres of water.

It was much clearer, had that turquoise look about it and suddenly Greenie was into his first mackerel. But could he land it?

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