Aaron and Shannon took the team to a spot they’ve been fishing not far offshore near the 3 Mile Reef.

The reefs are home to a huge variety of fish and they will change constantly depending on the time of year and water/weather conditions.

With a safe boat, a watchful crew and a very good skipper, Nick was able to put a soft plastic into some truly gnarly water and pull a really nice Pink Snapper.

Originally we had planned to chase kings but the large swell made it far too risky. But, by keeping to the edges of the white water out of the swell, Nick turned a wasted 4am wakeup into a memorable morning. Just goes to show how often snapper are cruising in the white stuff eh?

First, though, in Part 1 Steve’s going to show you the fastest way he’s found yet to catch herring from a boat.

In Part 2, Nick surprises even himself with a PB Pink Snapper on a Soft Plastic.

Almost any brand of soft plastic will work, with 15-18cm the ideal size here. Use 4/0 – 6/0 hooks and size your jig weight according to the conditions, surge etc.

Pink Snapper often hang around really gnarly white water long after their normally short feed time at sunrise.

Here’s a collection of tips, in no particular order, that will allow you to pick Nick’s brain without the need for sharp power tools.

In Part 4, Nick gets into another Pink Snapper from the white water, despite it being almost 9:30am.

* Nb: We filmed these segments before the social distancing rules came into effect and shut us down for a while.

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