Pink Snapper from Deep Water

Deep Drop Fishing Pt04 – Pink Snapper

DEEP DROP FISHING PT04 – PINK SNAPPER It’s the first drop of the day into over 250 metres of water. The boys use an electric reel to take the morning off. The first fish that comes up is quite a shock from such deep water. Click Here for Deep Sea Fishing Rigs. Click Here for Part 1. Click Here for

Deep Drop Fishing Spot

Deep Drop Fishing Pt03 – Finding Ground

DEEP DROP FISHING PT03 – FINDING GROUND, SETTING DRIFT, USING LIGHTS This is a short segment but packed with tips about Deep Drop Fishing off the coast of Perth. Nick Hocking is going to show you … 1. How to rig lights to attract fish in deep, dark water. 2. How to set up your drift. 3. What ground to

Deep Drop Fishing Bait

Deep Drop Fishing Pt02 – Making Baits

DEEP DROP FISHING PT02 – MAKING BAITS Cocktail baits of different kinds are very tempting to big fish in particular. In this video, Nick Hocking shows you how he combines a mulie (pilchard) and squid into one bait for very deep water (250-450m). Your biggest problem here is the baits been ripped at by the high water pressure on the

Yellowfin Whiting caught on a Breamer Vibe

Yellowfin Whiting on Vibes from a Boat

YELLOWFIN WHITING ON VIBES FROM A BOAT Steve Correia and Nick Hocking take you to Mandurah to demonstrate how the amazing new generation of electric motors make fishing so much better. Here, they use a Minn Kota to “spot lock” in the exact place they want to target yellowfin whiting. More than any other whiting, yellowfin seem to love lure

Striped Tuna

Deep Drop Fishing Pt01 – Catching Tuna Baits

DEEP DROP FISHING PT01 – CATCHING TUNA BAITS In this special about Deep Water Fishing (250-450m), Nick Hocking begins by showing you how easy it is to troll for tuna baits while you’re heading to your fishing grounds. Tuna like this stripey have very bloody flesh and they make great baits for many deep water species. Trolling jet head lures

Australian Salmon caught on Soft Plastic Lure

Salmon on Soft Plastics

SALMON ON SOFT PLASTICS PT 1 & 2 Salmon Action from Hamelin Bay. Nick talks you through how to use soft plastics on Salmon schools as he targets them around Hamelin Bay. Part 1 Part 2 See more Salmon Action from Hamelin Bay Here.

King George Whiting

King George in the Snapper Berley Trail

TARGETING KING GEORGE WHITING IN THE SNAPPER BERLEY TRAIL If the snapper are slow, don’t forget your berley is going to bring all sorts of things under your boat. Steve is testing a new PE1 rod from Perth TSL Rods here on a powerful 45cm “kidney slapper” as the great man Cleggie used to say. Putting a Paternoster Rig on

City Beach

Fishing Spots – City Beach

FISHING SPOTS – CITY BEACH City Beach is a great place for beginners to start beach fishing for tailor, whiting, herring, tarwhine, mulloway and sharks. See More Fishing Spots Here. See How to Slide Bait from a Beach Here.  

Australian Salmon from Hamelin Bay

Salmon – Australian

SALMON – AUSTRALIAN The Australian salmon is a magnificent sport fish that has a reputation for thrilling anglers from all walks of life as they migrate up and down our magnificent Southern Australian coast line. They are a strong, robust fish that take most bait and lure offerings with gusto, commonly taking to the air during battle. This makes them

Australian Salmon from Hamelin Bay

Salmon from Hamelin Bay on Metal Lures

SALMON FROM HAMELIN BAY ON METAL LURES Salmon schools almost always frequent Hamelin Bay during the autumn migration along Western Australia’s south coast. In this video, Nick Hocking uses the new Richter Pelacus metal lure to back into the breakers and pull one out of the school. Want to learn more about Salmon? Click Here for Fish-On. Here’s some Beach