If the snapper are slow, don’t forget your berley is going to bring all sorts of things under your boat.

Steve is testing a new PE1 rod from Perth TSL Rods here on a powerful 45cm “kidney slapper” as the great man Cleggie used to say.

Putting a Paternoster Rig on the bottom is always a good idea and it’s amazing how often you’ll pick up big KGs in winter particularly.

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More Whiting Facts:

Whiting are one of the 2 most commonly kept fish species by WA anglers.

Research shows whiting sizes are larger over the warmer months, although KG whiting seem bigger in the colder months.

In WA, ten whiting species are known to exist:

  • King George whiting
  • Southern school whiting
  • Western school whiting
  • Yellowfin whiting
  • Western trumpeter whiting
  • Stout whiting
  • Goldenline whiting
  • Northern whiting
  • Bay whiting
  • Mud whiting

In southern WA, around 75% of whiting caught are southern school whiting, even though most people call them sand whiting.

Even school whiting can live for over 10 years and anglers seem to release about 20% of the whiting they catch, a fairly high figure compared to other bread and butter species.

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