Just past Point Samson in Western Australia, West Moore Island is a place that very few fish regularly and the species count is off the chart.

In the first part we find Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Chinaman Fish, not a bad trifecta. The Chinaman Fish is a hard fighter and relatively slow grower that can live for up to 30 years.

They are a type of snapper and the record is just over 13 kilos, no doubt there are fish over this size in numbers around West Moore Island.

From the island, north east to Reef Island, there’s a line of coral reefs in 18-25 metres which is a Spanish Mackerel hotspot.

Steve explains how to stay away from the false promise of birds working small tuna and to stay focused on the depth line which mackies just love.

Once you find the vein of Mackerel around West Moore Island, it’s like Salmon at Rottnest on ANZAC Day. Watch the skipper get spooled, only to get the lure back in the cameraman’s fish 5 minutes later. It was madness.

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