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Sometimes, trolling for squid is the best way to find them if the going is tough.

You cover more ground and if you use this technique, you shouldn’t even have to touch the rod until a squid jumps on.

We also show you what a squid sees underwater. Find these jigs at Anglers Fishing World

Squid spawn twice a year at 6 month intervals when they come into shallow seagrass to lay their eggs.

Usually, squid simply drop their eggs on the sea floor and leave them to survive on their own but often the parents will be around the area keeping an eye out for threats for a period of time after that.

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When trolling, we have found that the best way is to put the engine into gear and just idle for a short distance.

You should put the throttle into neutral regularly to allow the lures to drop deeper. This is, more often than not, when you get your hookups.


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