Micro Jigging is a lot of fun, particularly around Perth with so many species to target, as you’ll see in this multi-part series.

We grabbed some 10g and 15g Jigpara Micro jigs from Anglers Fishing World and put them to the test off Fremantle with amazing results – over 80 fish caught and released in 3 fishing hours including Skippy, Tailor, Whiting, Tarwhine and even Squid!

In Part 1, Steve shows you how easy it is to catch Skippy in shallow water and more. Really easy for kids and keeps them amused for hours.

Tailor have made a huge return to Perth waters in big numbers after the massive rainfall last winter.

With fresh water pouring out of the river, we found massive schools of fish of different sizes to 40cm waiting for baitfish off Fremantle and they LOVED the Jigpara Micro Jig.

Jigging for Tailor – When conditions are right, Tailor gather around structure in big schools of fish to 40cm and more off Fremantle to ambush baitfish being swept out of the Swan River.

Nick lands the best tailor of the session pushing close to 40cm on the amazing Jigpara Micro Jig.


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