Nick Hocking with a Snapper

Jigging Snapper on Wrecks

There are loads of wrecks off Perth in 80-100m of water and almost all of them have Pink Snapper. Often, dropping baits on a school you see on the sounder, particularly on calm days, can be all pickers and Sgt Bakers but here, Nick will show you the benefits of drifting slightly away from the wreck to slow pitch jig

Catching Big Tailor off Fremantle

Tailor off Fremantle

“What can you catch with a block of mulies and some ganged hooks?” Steve sets out one morning with Jurien from Alure Craft to show you how to target bigger tailor off Fremantle on baits. Tailor are opportunistic hunters and, around reefy systems with a lot of white-water such as you’ll see in the video below, the tailor actually swim

Nick Hocking with a Tailor

Jigpara Micro Jigging

Micro Jigging is a lot of fun, particularly around Perth with so many species to target, as you’ll see in this multi-part series. We grabbed some 10g and 15g Jigpara Micro jigs from Anglers Fishing World and put them to the test off Fremantle with amazing results – over 80 fish caught and released in 3 fishing hours including Skippy,

Cockburn Sound Squid

Miggsy’s Squidding Tips

MIGGSY’S COCKBURN SOUND SQUIDDING TIPS The Human Fishing Machine called Miggsy and Greg were nice enough to let us come along on a squid hunting day in some pretty ordinary conditions. In Part 1, Miggs talks about what kind of ground he looks for, the importance of baitfish and how to dress like Cliff Young: In Part 2, Steve, Miggsy

Cockburn Sound Squid

Trolling for Squid

TROLLING FOR SQUID IN COCKBURN SOUND Sometimes, trolling for squid is the best way to find them if the going is tough. You cover more ground and if you use this technique, you shouldn’t even have to touch the rod until a squid jumps on. We also show you what a squid sees underwater. Find these jigs at Anglers Fishing

Squid caught with Yamashita Egi-Oh

Squid Videos

SQUID VIDEOS There are two main types of Squid in Western Australia – the Arrow and the Calamari and they are easy to tell apart. The Arrow Squid is a much smaller variety that can be distinguished by the prominent arrow tail. They school in large numbers and are easily netted for bait. They are predominantly a southern species. The

Squid caught with Yamashita Egi-Oh

Testing Yamashita Egi-Oh Squid Jig on Bigger Squid

TESTING THE YAMASHITA EGI-OH ON BIGGER SQUID We ducked down to Anglers Fishing World before their big squid comp to try some of the “Egi” (or “squid lures”) from their huge wall of jigs. The squid numbers were not high but the sizes sure were and it soon became apparent that these newer jigs were far superior to our old

Herring Caught with Green tube


HERRING Is there a better fish for everyone in WA than the Herring? In reality, this fish isn’t part of the Herring family Clupeidae at all but belong to the order Perciformes of perch-like fishes, like the Australian Salmon … which isn’t a salmon. This is almost certainly because European settlers named the fish in English after the ones most

Swan River Flathead

Boat Fishing for Swan River Flathead with Atomic Hardz

BOAT FISHING FOR SWAN RIVER FLATHEAD WITH ATOMIC HARDZ Atomic Hardz have long been Nick’s favourite lure to troll for Bream, especially the purple one. This time, we show you how to troll drop-offs and overhangs in calm bays for Flathead, often the biggest ones. Perfect for windy days. Lure – Atomic Hardz Rod – Atomic Bream Surface Reel –

Steve Correia with Rottnest Island Salmon

Boat Fishing

BOAT FISHING VIDEOS Western Australia has some of the best boat fishing in the world and this is our enormous collection of fishing videos from boats. Like to fish from shore? Here’s our land-based collection