Catching King George Whiting

King George Whiting on Ecogear ZX Vibes

KING GEORGE WHITING ON ECOGEAR ZX VIBES Steve and Mick found that you can catch Yellowfin Whiting on Ecogear ZX Vibes, even in cold, dirty water. Well, what about King George Whiting? You can’t catch them on the flats and on lures can you? You certainly can! Lure Info: Click here for more King George Videos

Whiting on Lures

Yellowfin Whiting on ZX Vibes – Where to Cast

YELLOWFIN WHITING ON ZX VIBES – WHERE TO CAST Steve explains how to figure out where you need to cast and how to feel for the sensitive bite of the whiting on lures, which is almost no different with this lure than you’d feel with a bait. Lure: Ecogear ZX Vibe 30 & 35g – LINK – Available at

Black Bream HUD

Perth Fishing TV v3 Ep02 – Swan River Special

PERTH FISHING TV V3 EP02 – SWAN RIVER SPECIAL Nick, Steve and Ruan take you around the Swan River to show you how to catch big bream on baits and then use a big variety of lures to catch tarwhine, flathead and more good bream from bridges, snags and the flats. There’s even a flounder! If you want to get


Fact Sheet 002 – Jigging for Samsonfish

JIGGING FOR SAMSON FISH Samson fish (Seriola hippos) are the steam trains of the ocean and, like all Seriola species, are an incredibly powerful fish that deserve the respect of all who chase them. Seriola, being the genus in which Samson fish, Amberjack and Yellowtail Kingfish belong to, Hippos referring to their size and nature. They are an aggressive fish

Whitey with a Mulloway caught on a Metal Jig

Article – Mulloway on Metal

ARTICLE – MULLOWAY ON METAL A bright, shiny piece of metal enticingly flutters and lands with an arousing clang amongst a jagged, metal, underwater wreck. The fish is intrigued as it slowly makes its way curiously out from the dark, quiet crevice it calls home. A prey item wriggles and shimmies seductively in the low, gloomy light and the fish

Steve Correia with Rottnest Island Salmon

How to Catch a Fish Ep06 – Rottnest Salmon

HOW TO CATCH A FISH EP06 – ROTTNEST SALMON – FULL DOUBLE EPISODE Between Fishing WA and the Water, Steve made the How to Catch a Fish series. In this episode, Steve and Greenie fish the West End of Rottnest Island and show a newcomer from across the ditch how to catch his first WA salmon. Learn where to put


Perth Fishing TV v3 Ep01 – Massive Perth Samsonfish

PERTH FISHING TV v3 EP01 ** FULL EPISODE ** MASSIVE PERTH SAMSONFISH Nick guided Mark for a day of mayhem South West of Rottnest Island, including a double hookup that ends up with Mark landing the biggest Samson Nick had ever seen! And they get blown away over and over again. Watch our first Full Length Episode in 4K UltraHD

Yellowfin Whiting

Yellowfin Whiting on ZX Vibes – Working the Lure

YELLOWFIN WHITING ON ECOGEAR ZX VIBES – WORKING THE LURE Steve takes Mick from Anaconda Butler to show him that you can go walking the flats for whiting with lures even if it’s chilly and the water is dirty. And the kids can do it too, no bait, easy to cast and very effective. Lure: Ecogear ZX 30 & 35

Nick Hocking with a Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper on Soft Plastics – Ocean Reef to Mindarie

PINK SNAPPER ON SOFT PLASTICS – OCEAN REEF TO MINDARIE ** DON’T TRY THIS YOURSELF ** DANGER ** Aaron and Shannon took the team to a spot they’ve been fishing not far offshore near the 3 Mile Reef. The reefs are home to a huge variety of fish and they will change constantly depending on the time of year and