Jurien is one of Australia’s great towns. Only a short drive north of Perth, it has to be one of the best fishing locations that can encompass almost any style and species you want to target.

From the shore you only have to go as far as the town jetty to start catching good fish. Herring, whiting and tailor are common here but there’s the chance of many larger fish in the right conditions. Snapper, mulloway, mackerel, sharks and more are common visitors to the jetty and along the excellent marina’s walls.

The marina is a step up in fishing possibilities and is famous for what it can produce throughout the year. Samsonfish are frequently seen inside and along the walls and it’s a fantastic spot to target tailor in big numbers at times.

Beaches extending north of town are excellent for tailor and mulloway, plus you’ll see the odd dart. Whiting and herring are very likely too. Heading south is also worth doing, particularly around the Hill River area where the usual suspects are joined by tarwhine and skippy regularly.

Offshore is very good too. Small boats can stay around the town and fish for squid, herring, tailor, skippy, snapper in the shallows and even mackerel just outside of the reef ringing the bay.

Deeper trips are going to give you a large variety of coral fishing options and its famous for dhufish, snapper, coral trout, baldchin groper, samsonfish, skippy, breaksea cod and quite literally anything. Red throat emperor can often be schooling up and deeper trips can certainly produce red emperor too.

Pelagics are very easy to target at the right time of year. Tailor sizes are much bigger than Perth as a rule and so are the skippy. Spanish mackerel are around for several months of the year and can be caught very close to shore.

A little deeper will get you into tuna country where smallish southern bluefin and stripes are most likely but yellowfin and other types of larger tunas are certainly about.

There’s loads of accommodation options and a week here can only be ruined, at times, by a windy climate so if you head there, give yourself some rest days. Having said that, you can usually find a place to suit almost any conditions if you’re keen.

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